Biker friends that have departed from us
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Richard Familton departed us on June 6th, 2021. Another fallen Biker. He had a rough last couple of years, But Richard always was up beat no mater the situation. Richard with his beloved Triumph. Rest in Peace.

Paul Whalen departed us on June 4th, 2020. A brother of mine in the New Jersey Motorcycle club, "The Ones" (WOMC). Friendly, Funny Guy. In the picture he is holding two speeding tickets that he got the same day, proud owner! One of the WOMC cone-heads!

Gary Pantaleo departed this world March 1, 2020. Gary joined us up in Daytona year after year during Bike Week. Sometimes he would camp with us at the Fairgrounds and other times, he would come up and spend the day. Most of the time he would ride with Mike R. We spent more time driving around looking for the correct gas station to fuel up his beloved 1969 TR6! When the cell phone was popular, we would let him go on his own and call us when he got in trouble. Think God for cell phones!

Gary met me for several years at the Dragon. He loved to cruise through the 318 turns meeting me at the overlook. We would then meet my wife for dinner at my cabin. He will be missed.

Two Riding Brothers from my youth departed us late last year 2019, Tommy and Jimmy. Tommy was my riding partner from my teens. He and I pledged the New Jersey local Motorcycle club, "The Ones" (WOMC). Almost every weekend we rode with the club. If we were not running with the club, we were rat racing through streets. He owned a Green KE900. I was on my 1976 Bonnie. He was fast, but I would catch up to him and pass him on the corners.

We lived together in my chevy van for a while, and then, in my girl friend's basement. It was a crazy time, but there was never a dull moment. Tommy had a good sense of humor and we never felt bad about any situation we were in. I would not have changed a thing! Tommy has the beard in the picture.

Jimmy was one of our riding partners. He was one of those guys that you always were glad to see. He always had an infectous smile and a good sense of humor. We worked in landscaping together. Tommy and Jimmy would visit me at college in Newark at my Frat House, good times. Jimmy is the person in the middle of the following picture.

I rode my 1976 Bonnie all through College. Living in downtown Newark, NJ presented some challenges. I parked it in the basement of the frat house. I turned my room mate, Helmut on to biking. Sold him a 1971 TR6. Shipped it off to Texas were he lived at the time. Visited him several times in El Paso, Texas. Ever been to a bachelor Party in Juarez, Mexico? Good Time! He ended up purchasing a Honda Goldwing. He loved that bike. Helmut departed us at the end of 2019.

They all will be missed. Rest in peace.

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